Bridge Club International Organization (BCIO) 

After the Asian Pacific Children's Convention/Bridge Summer Camp

Bridge Club is a worldwide network of Asian Pacific Children's Convention (APCC) Junior Ambassador participants. Bridge Club is intended to continue the positive momentum started at APCC. The Bridge Club objectives are to foster leaders with a global perspective who will shape the world in the future, to build a network of "Global Citizens" free from religious, political and economic restrictions, and to expand this network across the world which will establish a circle of friendships that will work towards creating a peaceful society.  Bridge Club Intenational Organization (BCIO) is located in Fukuoka, Japan. There are currently 41 local Bridge Club chapters in various countries throughout the world.  

Bridge Club Oakland was established in 2018. Bridge Club Oakland activities support leadership development, volunteerism, the environment, and staying connected. Leadership development includes participation in the interview committee that reviews the student applications to the APCC/Bridge Summer Camp, interviews and selects the students and prepares the students for their role as Junior Ambassadors. Members have combined volunteerism, the environment and spending time together when they helped keep Lake Merritt beautiful by picking up trash and then enjoying a picnic alongside Lake Merritt afterwards.