Programs & Activities

The Oakland Fukuoka Sister City Association has conducted a variety of activities over the years that have led to a cordial and collaborative relationship between the people of the two cities. Its most enduring program is the annual homestay exchange between high school students in each city. OFSCA has also promoted other exchanges of animals between the zoos of both cities, exchanges of nurses between leading hospitals in both cities, and exchanges of art work. It has sponsored cultural programs for the residents of Oakland, and both cities have hosted official government and business delegations from the other city.

OFSCA Exchange Programs

Annual Events in Oakland

  • Otsukimi Moon Viewing Party

  • Holiday Party (for OFSCA Members and friends from local sister city organizations and the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program Alumni Association, JETAANC)

  • New Year's Party (for OFSCA Members and Exchange Student Participants)

OFSCA and the City of Oakland

Other Events & Activities

OFSCA also hosts one-time events or event series throughout the year. From participating in local festivals and volunteer opportunities, holding virtual events such as cooking classes or cultural presentations via Zoom, or meetings for our youth participants, there's plenty for everyone to enjoy!